Managing Director

The north Indian IT industry have known DK for 24 years. He had worked at Hero Motors, Oswal and automated various plants. During that period he mastered COBOL and worked on almost every version that exist under earth. A software person with UNIX running in his viens, he enterpenured and again automated Govt. projects like Delhi driving license, Vehicle Registeration, DDA land records and Election Cards project.

During late 90’s he ventured into web and online business which became a solid competitor in Delhi market. The company had it’s own infrastructure for hosting. He also started Web application development and built early version of portals that we see today like Automotive,  Job, Classified portals.  As Web took a huge plunge the company was sold to a UK firm and thus D M Systems was seeded along with Amit Bajaj.

He had worked on project for NHS UK and returned to India and support his brother. He initially worked on web projects and managed hosting infrastructure single handedly and soon jumped to System Administration. He soon started learning various technologies and still trying to keep pace.

Within DM he has managed various roles and taken many initiatives which has helped establishing DM Systems as a technology partner in market. Under his technical guidance and Sun Microsystems help DM delivered complex projects like Human Genome sequencing for IGIB and helping India to complete re-sequence human genome for the first time.

Leveraging the technical team he is now actively involved in marketing and Enterprise solutions.