2 minutes, 27 seconds

Server Manager managing Nano Server

See how you can continue to use familiar tools, such as Server Manager, to manage Nano Server

3 minutes, 38 seconds

Failover Clustering on Nano Server

See a cluster of Nano Servers running VMs and a live migration of a VM, using Failover Cluster Manager, Hyper-V Manager, and PowerShell.

4 minutes, 22 seconds

Nano Server and Azure PowerShell

Running Nano Server as a guest in Azure, and using some of PowerShell’s cool new features to copy files to/from Nano Server, as well as edit and debug remote scripts on Nano

2 minutes, 26 seconds

Nano Server with Chef provisioning

Refaat Issa, PM on the Nano Server Team talks with Adam Edwards, GM of Chef Platform about building a demo with Nano Server and Chef Provisioning.

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