NextGen Firewall

NextGen Firewall has come of Age and now are being adopted by Large enterprise.  The solution now available as an appliance, virtual machine or cloud instances (AWS).  We have built our expertise since 2002 and continue to sharpen the skills. This coupled with experience in deploying leading solutions in diverse set of business and industry provide us the insight to match the business requirement with the feature set available.

Network DLP

DLP Deployment is increasing as snowden incidents are becoming more prevalent. To fully secure company’s core IP assets a network DLP provide comprehensive controls and monitoring of outgoing network channels. We provide and integrate network DLP from various OEMs and help you select the right feature for your unique environment.

Email Security

Email communication has become mainstream means of modern communication.  Infact IT Act has all the provisions to present email as evidence in court of law.  Corporates and other industries face more than ever phishing and spam attacks.  Keeping the pace the solution has also advanced and now customers have flexibility of securing email as a hardware appliance or virtual appliance or in cloud. 

HP EVA Replace Promotion

Get most of your EVA. Need the capabilities of Tier-1 storage, on a midrange budget? With 3PAR StoreServ—awarded 2014 “Best in Class” for the midrange by DCIG—you get the same industry-leading architecture and advanced features including storage federation and automated tiering at a price to make compromises a thing of the past.

Yes Replace your EVA with HP 3PAR Storage with our on-going promotion for year 2014.

Looking for CEPH Resource

Ceph is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability.

Ceph’s RADOS Block Device (RBD) provides access to block device images that are striped and replicated across the entire storage cluster. Armed with our HPC experience we can help you setup storage infrastructure for your high performance cluster.

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Web App Firewall

Be it in house OWA or corporate portal or web server – without a WAF in place keeping the botnets and malware aways is challenge.  Day in and out news of website being compromised and user data stolen is becoming frequent.  WAF can provide a protection at application level thus securing the very core part of web applications.  Not only this WAF also faclitate the compliances like PCI DSS. 

Application Delivery Controllers

With the advent of device era more is expected from the Application delivery Controllers. We can provide ADC which support multi Gigabit along with end to end application visibility and real time control.  ADC with advance load balancing( L4 and L7)  and cater diverse set of mobile devices.  Whether requirement is for simple server load balancing or Geo Load balancing we can design and provide solution with ability match the cloud scale.

Targeted Attacks Prevention

Advance persistent threats is a term becoming common not only to CIO/CTO of Enterprise but Medium business IT Heads also. Cyber attackers are devising sophisticated attacks to bypass common protection platforms. This requires equally sophisticated tools set for detecting these threats. We can provide custom sandboxing and advance DDoS protection and advance malware analysis using most advance tools available from our technology providers.