Strorage Area Network

SAN has come a long way but not at all lost it’s relevance. As world’s adopts big analytics SAN has major role to play. Database/ERP ideally perform much better on SAN. Looking for a SAN for a robust reliable yet flexible storage

Network Attached Storage

NAS for short. Just looking for plain, simple feature packed file services then NAS is for you. Single or in HA configuration also use it as frontend to your existing SAN. Complete rights management using existing AD or LDAP. Looking for a NAS to provide CIFS/NFS/iSCSI single namespace.

Unified Storage

Get future proof by deploying unified storage balancing the block and file services and workloads. The best of both the world together and lot of features for mixed workloads. Looking for an unified storage.

FLASH Storage

Got fancy for latest technology in storage or existing storage can’t keep up with Application requirements then FLASH storage is for you. superfast IO with sub second latency.

Looking for this kind of storage

HP EVA Replace Promotion

Get most of your EVA. Need the capabilities of Tier-1 storage, on a midrange budget? With 3PAR StoreServ—awarded 2014 “Best in Class” for the midrange by DCIG—you get the same industry-leading architecture and advanced features including storage federation and automated tiering at a price to make compromises a thing of the past.

Yes Replace your EVA with HP 3PAR Storage with our on-going promotion for year 2014.

Looking for CEPH Resource

Ceph is a distributed object store and file system designed to provide excellent performance, reliability and scalability.

Ceph’s RADOS Block Device (RBD) provides access to block device images that are striped and replicated across the entire storage cluster. Armed with our HPC experience we can help you setup storage infrastructure for your high performance cluster.

Gain Understanding

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Scale Out Storage

We have extensive knowledge of these storage, want to have storage with massive scaling both in terms of capacity and performance without penalizing redundancy and availability.

Looking for a storage to deliver all this.

Backup & Archival

Production Data is increasing so is the backup windows. Reduce them by getting Archiving storage in place.

Looking for efficient backup storage or archival for compliances.

Object Based Storage

Keep Meta Data and Data separately. Object by Object , scale beyond File systems or Structured approach of a Database.

Looking for Object storage for Exchange, SharePoint or want know how it can help your requirement?

Storage Virtualisation

Disparate growth or want to utilize end of sale storage ease management of different storage or handle consolidated replication. Storage virtualisation can help.

Looking for storage virtualisation.