AntiVirus and Anti Malware

Get your basic defense layer uncompromised. Comprehensive HIPS and Malware protection at endpoint is a must. Have freedom to deploy it as an on-premise or cloud based Saas solution.

Features Available

Windows, Mac, Linux or Virtual all supported.
Centralised Management
AD Integrated
Antivirus for Storage Systems
Safe Browsing and Web protection

File and Folder Encryption

Secure your Information stored as files and Folders using the latest encryption technologies. Today Encryption is the most trusted tool against information loss.

Features Available

AD Integrated
Centralised Console to manage all devices, mac and windows
Encrypt removable media
Encrypt files when moved to cloud - Dropbox, OneDrive
Encrypt Shared Folders

EndPoint Patch Management

Patch not only your OS but Applications and keep your systems protected from known vulnerabilities. Manage Server and Desktops centrally and schedule deployment of patches.

Features Available

Heterogeneous Patch Management with central management console
Schedule Critical patches
Get detailed report on patch requirement per system
Patch both Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications like adobe, java
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Mobile Device Management

Whether you deploy corporate devices, or your employees bring their own (BYOD) - Configure, secure, and support mobile devices with MDM. Protect company data on any device or corporate asset and Information.

Features Available

Enterprise App Store
Easy Device enrollment and decommissioning
Locate Device
Malware Protection
Enforce Security parameters

Data Loss Prevention

Information leakage has become common so are the DLP offerings. To secure the data at rest or in motion at end points we provide comprehensive DLP solutions

Features Available

Can address both PC as well as VDI
Application and file fingerprinting
Clipboard protection
Removable storage protection
Compliance adherence (PCI, PII, HIPAA etc)
Support windows and Mac OS

Endpoint Change Management

With dynamic workforce and rapid technology changes the tracking of IT asset has become important more than ever. Meeting the compliance and making IT service team with updated configuration has become crucial to meet the uptime and maintain SLA.

Features Available

complete hardware and software inventory
authorised and non authorised change management
service desk enablement
Knowledge bank