Discover Savings with Cisco Energy Management Suite


  • Increase office and data center energy efficiency
  • Cut IT energy costs by as much as 35 percent
  • Reduce IT cost of ownership
  • Accelerate your organization’s return on investment (ROI)


We’re offering a free 90-Day Discovery Workshop, so you can measure and manage your energy usage with Cisco Energy Management Suite. Gain valuable insight into energy demands, habits, and waste so you can start tapping into power savings.


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  • Gain 100 percent visibility into your organization’s power use
  • See energy consumption for all physical and virtual devices
  • Identify where you’re wasting energy
  • Take control of your energy spend
Discover why it’s so important for IT and facilities to work together. And how you can save as much as 35 percent in energy costs for your whole organization when you do.
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