F-Secure teamed up with penetration testing experts at Mandalorian Security and the Cyber Security Research Institute, and was able to gain access to the private data of MP David Davis, Lord Strasburger and MEP Mary Honeyball.

The politicians all gave permission for the exercise to take place and admitted that, despite regularly using public WiFi connections, they had received no formal training on how to protect their data.

Conservative MP Davis, who recently joined forces with Labour’s Tom Watson to challenge emergency surveillance legislation being rushed through parliament last year, said that he was alarmed at the ease of password theft.

“Well, it’s pretty horrifying, to be honest. What you have extracted was a very tough password, tougher than most people use. It’s certainly not ‘Password’.”

Internet security provider F-Secure has exposed the risk of using public WiFi hotspots by carrying out an experimental hack on three British politicians.

Curated from Three UK politicians ‘hacked’ using insecure WiFi services – IT News from V3.co.uk

As Delhi gears up for the public Wif-fi service, not only general public users are at risk but all the suers who are going to connect and use it. The Government should make use of current security offerings to ensure safe and smooth user experience.


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