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It has been 15 years!

and our journey has just begun!!


With Sonicwall Complete App Visualization


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Integrated threat protection with Research and Security Controls for Industrial Control Systems and SCADA networks.


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Solve the Dropbox Problem

Want to have on premise Enterprise level content sharing application like Dropbox!!.
Now you can have one with Enterprise grade Security.
  • File Sharing using Secure Links

    Share files using a single click securely. No email attachment, easy access using a web browser on any device.

  • Replace FTP Servers

    FTP servers are cumbersome to manage and does not provide complete user integration and audit trails. Get rid of unreliable upload and downloads, provide users an easy way to share files without using public apps like dropbox or box.

  • Outlook Integration

    Ready and mature Outlook plugin replaces email attachments as secure links. Thus enabling storage requirement on server and on client. Moreover assign rights on the shared link.

Assure your Critical Application Recovery and Meet RTO/RPO

Appliance Flexibility

Appliance available in a range of capacities, deployable in hardware or virtual configurations

Global Threat Intelligence

Global  threat intelligence powers detection and the Threat portal for attack investigation

Custom Sandboxing

Uses images that precisely match your system configurations to detect the threats that target your organization

Malware, C&C, Attacker Activity

Uses specialized detection engines, correlation rules, and custom sandboxing to detect all aspects of a targeted attack, not just malware

Comprehensive Threat Detection

Monitors all ports and 80+ protocols to identify attacks anywhere on your network

Combat the Rise of APT

Advance Threat detection technologies enabling you to discover and respond to today’s stealthy, targeted attacks


Netwrix Auditor provides complete visibility of IT changes and configurations from a single console. Its unified platform enables you to answer who changed what, when and where for any system or application in the IT infrastructure – even when logs are not produced.

From Active Directory to SharePoint and everything in between, you can audit changes to security configurations, systems and data. With Netwrix Auditor you will streamline compliance, strengthen security and simplify root cause analysis everywhere in your IT environment.

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Monitor Storage, Compute, & Network performance in single pane of glass
Flexible dashboards & reports: datacenters, clusters, hosts, datastores, VMs
Efficiency recommendations to maximize resources
Multi-hypervisor visibility: ESX(i), Hyper-v, RHEV, Xen
Easy deployment – be up and running in less than an hour

Reports on VMs, Hosts, Clusters, and Datacenters, including utilization, capacity, and headroom. Email reports on configurable schedule.

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Automated daily DR verification performed byAvailabilityGuard/DR™ gives you the confidence that your systems will remain operational and your data can be recovered today, tomorrow, and every day from now on – with no additional effort on your part!

AvailabilityGuard/DR™ continuously scans your storage, databases, servers, clusters, and replication configurations. Running your configuration data against a gap signature knowledgebase with thousands of potential downtime and data loss vulnerabilities, AvailabilityGuard/DR™ is able to pinpoint risks that traditional DR tests often miss, such as standby systems with insufficient capacity, and data that cannot be restored to a valid consistency point.

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